Yacht Brokerage Central Listing Agreement


2.5 In the event that more than one offer is made on a particular boat before the seller has accepted an offer, all additional offers submitted to the broker, whether by a potential buyer or another broker, are forwarded to the seller against his consideration. In the event that a broker, broker or central agent has received more than one offer before accepting an offer, all offers are submitted to the seller. The broker acts on the seller`s instruction to find out which offer is accepted and/or negotiated. When an offer is made after the seller has previously accepted an offer, the seller is informed of its existence. 3) EXCLUSIVE CENTRAL LISTING: It`s like the centralized list limited above. We would still be the only yacht broker to sell your boat. However, if you sell the boat yourself, choose that we do NOT help at all other stages of the sale, including the establishment of the purchase and sale contract for yachts, the provision of fiduciary services for deposits, etc., assistance to the buyer for financing, if you wish, assistance with offshore acquisition and testing agreements, and monitoring and support of the conclusion process, including the insurance and documentation requirements of purchasers. In such a case, you do not owe us a commission if you sold your boat yourself. If you really intend to aggressively market your own boat and not want our professional support in the event of a sale, this may be the way to list your boat with us.

3.3 The broker will work with other brokers on vessels that he lists on a central basis, if it is in the seller`s best interest to share commissions on a pre-agreed basis. Negotiations for vessels on the basis of the central listing transaction are conducted with the listing broker and not with the seller, except with the agreement of the Listing Broker. 3.5 The selling broker is the broker who receives a purchase and sale contract signed by the buyer and seller with the accompanying deposit. Deposits on brokerage transactions (of an acceptable amount to the seller) will be made in accordance with the provisions of the YBAA Yacht purchase and sale contract and YBAA Code of Ethics. The Open Listing Agreement allows the seller to list the boat with several brokers at the same time and sell the boat on his own. The incentive is that if one of the brokers with the Open Listing brings to the buyer that the brokerage receives full commission. The flip side of the page is that the list cannot be entered into the multiple list of the database, and most brokers will spend the share of their advertising budgets to promote their centralized lists, not open listings. Although on the surface, it often seems that the Open Listing offers the possibility for most exhibitions, the opposite is most often true.

The exception to this “thumb rule” is for Mega Yachts. With an open list on yachts approaching or exceeding the market value of millions of dollars, most brokers, regardless of the nature of the listing agreement, will make considerable marketing efforts. As attractive as this regulation may seem, there are still some drawbacks. For the ship, there would still need to be a centralized rating agreement, which must be included in the multiple listing service. Even with an open listing agreement, the seller will have to deal with many listing agents and brokers who create confusing communication opportunities and the lack of a closed marketing effort. Buyers who see a boat marketed by several different brokers generally think that something is wrong with the boat. 3.6.c. If a buyer attempts to continue negotiations with a member of the exchange agent`s business and persists in not being willing to cooperate with a broker to whom he has made a prior offer, the appropriate response is to inform the buyer that he may choose a company other than the listing company to continue negotiations.