What Was The Agreement Between Rahab And The Spies


After the king`s men left, Rahab told the scouts what she had heard about Israel. She knew that Israel would overtake Jericho. She asked the spies to spare her and her family when the Israelis entered. The men promised to protect everyone in their homes. Rahab`s house was installed within the city walls so that it could knock the men out of a window, so that they could leave the city. When they left, they told her that she would only be saved if she had tied a scarlet cord to her window. This way, the spies would know where Rahab was when they took control of the city. They also reminded her that she and her family would not be saved if they told someone that the Israelis were going to invade Jericho. When the spies left, Rahab tied the scarlet cord in his window. It`s a good thing Rahab hid the spies. She rushed down to open the door to the king`s men. She said: “Yes, two men were there, but they just left. If you hurry, you should catch them. “They`re going to go to the river,” cried one soldier, and went hunting.

If the story of the Israeli attack on Jericho was not a story, but a national myth that, centuries later, appeared with the intention of heroising the men of Israel, the spies would not have been presented as pathetic failures saved by one of them. When the two spies returned to Joshua`s house, they made their report. Joshua knew it was time to enter the country. Top Spies escaped from the city. They hid in the mountains for three days, until the king`s men ceased to look for them. And they went back to Joshua, and told him all that was contrary to them. They said, “God has put the whole country in our hands. People are afraid of us. 4 But the woman had taken the two men, and had hidden them. (H) She said, “Yes, the men came to see me, but I didn`t know where they came from. 5 At dusk, when it was time to close the door of the city, they gave up.

I do not know what they did. Go fast. You can catch up with them. (J) 6 (But she had taken them from the roof and hidden them under the flaxseeds (K) that she had placed on the roof.) (L) 7 The men began hunting spies on the way to the Jordan Fords, and as soon as the persecutors had left, the door was closed. B. Yes, men came to me, but I did not know where they came from: the Bible simply tells Rahab`s lie; it does not rent it and does not excuse it. Perhaps if she had previously decided in her heart not to lie in obedience to God, she would have made for her a way to preserve the lives of spies without lying. Rahab visited the spies on the roof “before they arrested them.” We can assume that they did not remain dormant because they fulfilled their assigned mission, which was to gather as much information as possible. From their point of view on the roof, they were able to learn a lot about the city, even at night, probably they planned their break-in to be able to count on the help of the light of the moon and the light of the torches. When Rahab came up to them, the time was perhaps quite late, perhaps long after she had sent the king`s men on a mad broom.

Why the delay in the conversation with the spies? Secrecy was essential. She was waiting for the whole town to sleep. She didn`t want anyone to come to the door while she was on the roof. 8 Before they went to bed, she came to them on the roof, 9 and said to the men, “I know that the Lord has given you the land, and that you have been frightened by us, and that all the inhabitants of the land are melting in fear of you.