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7. General 7.1 These Terms of Use constitute the entire Agreement (`Agreement`)) between you and us. You acknowledge that you did not enter into this agreement on the basis of a guarantee or insurance on our part or from another person, and you waive any interest in any damages/resignations you may have as a result of a misrepresentation (except for a fraudulent misrepresentation) that is not included in this Agreement. 7.2 If, for whatever reason, a provision or provision of these Terms of Use becomes unlawful, invalidable or unenforceable, that provision or provision is divisible from the other Terms and Conditions and is deemed to be removed. 7.3 The non-exercise of a right or remedy by any of the parties under this agreement does not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy. 7.4 All formal legal indications must be confirmed to us at the end of these terms of use by mail. 7.5 The non-application of a right by us does not lead to the renunciation of that right. 7.6 You cannot transfer or transfer your rights to this Agreement. 7.7 We reserve the right to teach users of the website and/or certain websites on a permanent or temporary basis at our discretion.

Such a user is informed and should not attempt to use the site under another name or through another user. In September 2013, United Wagon Company and Wabtec Corporation, based in the United States, signed a joint venture agreement. [18] A few months earlier, a similar agreement had been signed with Amsted Rail. [19] [20] In accordance with a pre-negotiated agreement, the CBC and the #feesmustfall movement met immediately after the mass meeting. The CBC and the #feesmustfall movement invited me to join them. After seven hours of negotiations, I am pleased to inform you that we have reached agreement on all the issues raised in the agreement by the #feesmustfall movement that was not resolved in the negotiations with the CBC. As part of the agreement, the #feesmustfall movement agreed to immediately suspend the protest action in order to allow the normal resumption of the university`s academic activities and to begin exams on Monday. Yesterday afternoon, the CBC called a student fair meeting to inform them of the agreements reached so far. The meeting was scheduled for noon and was so busy that it had to be moved from the main hall to the sports stadium.

Unfortunately, the work of the meeting could not be addressed, given the time-in-the-run between the #feesmustfall movement and the CBC. UWC is run by the UWC International Board and the UWC International Council. The executive of the International Board is the UWC International Office. 1.Terms and Definitions 1.1 These Terms of Use refer to the official United World Colleges (International), `our`, `we` or `us`) website, which is accessible via the address www.uwc.org and its variations, including all other websites published on the uwc.org website (`). United World Colleges (International) is a company registered in England and Wales and bounded by Warranty 908758. Charity 313690. You are offered access to the UWC website (“User” or “You”) only on the condition that you accept the terms of use contained here without change.