Ssft Google Agreement


Sonasoft, Corp., (OTCQB: SSFT) was today the strongest trading stock of the day, with a closing price of 96.40%, after an 8K deposit showed early in the morning that the company has reached an agreement with Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL). The 8-K did not go into any particular details, except to mention that “Sonasoft will be involved in the development of services and products for Google Cloud Learning Systems.” Needless to say, Sonasoft is a Penny stock that has previously flown a little under the radar, this brief announcement in the 8-K submission was enough to annoy Penny`s equity investors about the potential for the company`s growth and pushed this day to its biggest volume day of all time. Predikly is a Silicon Valley data innovation and robotic process automation (RPA) company. The partnership agreement will accelerate technologies and solutions for Intelligent Process Automation (IAP). The news that many sonasoft Corp (SSFT) shareholders have been waiting for has finally arrived. Sonasoft has signed a contract with Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). In a brief statement to sec sonasoft said: Sonasoft Corp. recently reached an agreement with Google (Nasdaq: GOOGL). Sonasoft will be involved in the development of services and products for Google Cloud Learning Systems.

As explained in Sonasoft`s profile on OTC Markets, this is an AI company that has a core business model that includes “enterprise class software solutions for artificial intelligence (CIP), eDiscovery, archiving and business continuity software solutions for Microsoft Business Applications on microsoft Windows and Office 365 platforms. (CIP) Sonasoft`s newest product is a KI/ML cognitive intelligence platform that is fully automated and provides unsupervised real-time intelligence, which provides unparalleled insight into the structured or unstructured data that affects KPIs at the enterprise level, while providing 256-bit encryption at the military level. It`s really good, considering there was a 100% race yesterday! Had a bit of a jump today, but recovered well in the last hour of trading. We look forward to next week. The information is presented only as a brief snapshot of the profile company and should only be used as a starting point for readers to conduct an in-depth study of the profiled company and its securities, consult with their financial, legal or other advisors, and call on registrations and information from either or other electronic media, including: (a) verification of periodic SEC reports (forms 10-Q and 10-K), major event reports (form 8-K), insider reports (forms 3, 4, 5 and calendar 13D); (b) verification of disclosure information and statements and unaudited financial reports filed with Pink Sheets; (c) obtaining and verifying publicly available information from well-known search engines such as Google; and (e) provide advice on investment guides for and regarding the risks associated with investing in penny stocks.