SHSHA – The Ascent

ROLE: Creative Direction | Video | Music | Sound Design | Motion Graphics | Writer

Director: Jonathan Higley
Motion Graphics and VFX: Jonathan Higley
Camera Operator: Jonathan Higley and Benjamin Løzninger

Enter the futuristic world of SHSHA–set 2000 years into the future where any alteration of consciousness is strictly forbidden. At the center, the protagonist, thrown into a plot to uncover the truth about their false reality. To tell this story as well as lead up to the release of the album, the campaign included an email kickoff, instagram campaign and a multimedia website:

Prelude Teaser & Preorder Website

XTR. A foreign, illegal psychedelic. Where everything went wrong. To tell the story, I wrote, directed, 3D modeled and shot a video to tell the story in both video assets and a comprehensive website.

shsha-1 shsha-2 shsha-3




Album Video + Order Site
Accompanying the release, I produced a 44 minute first-person visual experience to accompany the audio:


Album Art Direction


Creative Director: Jonathan Higley
Album Artwork Illustrator: Ari Weinkle
Additional Album Artwork by: Jonathan Higley