RCA Records – Artist Analytics Platform

ROLE: UX + UI Design | Full Stack Development | Technology Director

The digital media group of RCA / Sony Music runs complex, multi-platform campaigns daily. For years they ran these without data, stabbing in the dark and operating from tried and tested practices. With a roster of 90+ artists, keeping track of performance had never been done before. We’re talking millions on millions of views here on a spectrum of networks. Records galore.

What if you knew the social status of every artist on your roster in real-time?



RCA brought me in to develop a highly sophisticated tool that would allow their department decision makers to generate reports ad hoc for daily, weekly, or monthly statistics for an artist’s wide array of social metics, music video and/or song performance.

To accomplish this, I created an API connection and aggregation system to pull from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Wikipedia.

With these aggregating daily, I then built a front-end report delivery system and robust administrative tool for top-tier administrators to develop, modify data, and render reports.

As a result, the tool allows their teams to communicate more clearly and execute their campaigns with performance-based metrics in mind.



Project Lead, Database Architecture, API Integration, Full-Stack Development, Team Leadership, Developer Management

Technologies Used:
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL