Project Labor Agreement Prevailing Wage


[1] The D.C. United Stadium Project Labor Agreement can be found here: To learn more about D.C. United Stadium PLA here: Such open and fair competition would deprive Project Labor Agreements of saving public funds and suspending them for what they are, agreements between politicians and their supporters to manipulate the bidding for public works projects, to ensure that the work is done by a privileged class of bidders. Will this “Pay to PLAy” program benefit non-government workers and contractors at the expense of SWaM contractors and the construction industry in Virginia? In the amended version, Sen. Saslaw`s bill requires the payment of existing salaries for all public construction projects over $250,000. And in its amended version, Del`s bill. Carrol Foy demands the payment of existing salaries for all public construction projects and allows municipalities to pass by-laws imposing dominant wages for local projects. Beyond the obvious influence of trade union political power on elected public servants, there is a much deeper meaning for “peace at work,” as understood by unions and civil servants. Studies have shown that LAA project owners and local communities have advantages and penalize entrepreneurs and non-independent workers in unions. A 2009 study by Fred B. Kotler, J.D., associate director of Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, found that there was no evidence that PMAs discriminate pending employers and workers, limit the number of bidders and increase construction costs.

[110] In a 2009 report by Dale Belman of Michigan State University; Matthew M. Bodah of the University of Rhode Island and Peter Philips of the University of Utah said that instead of increasing costs, the agreements would bring benefits to the community. According to your report, the cost of the project is directly related to the complexity of a project, not to the existence of an agreement. They found that AEPs are not suitable for all projects, but some projects are good candidates for their use, such as very complex construction projects. [111] Studies have also been conducted on how GPs can benefit local communities by hiring aboriginal people. In a paper that focused on whether the AEPs met local hiring targets for projects developed by the District Community College of Los Angeles (LACCD), the District of Los Angeles Unified (LAUSD) and the City of Los Angeles, the author found that the 30% local rent target set by the PLA has been met. [112] In any other area, an agreement not to disrupt the operation in exchange for an economic concession would be clearly identified as a protective stick — as blackmail. Calling it the “Project Labor Agreement” and wrapping it in the window of so-called cost savings and the mythology of motherhood and the apple pie of unionism, does not less make a protective bat.