Project Gordon – Your Digital Afterlife

ROLE: UX Design | Product Development | Creative Direction | iOS

Everyone reading this will do it. Your lover will do it. Your priest will do it. You will do it. Everyone dies. It’s what happens next that could be controlled now.

In partnership with Hello-Q we explored the whitespace of mortality as a whitespace to innovate from.



The result is Gordon, your concierge after death. At the moment of death Gordon gets to work – starting with executing the details of the funeral arrangements, doling out possessions that the dearly departed digitally annotated for asset division, managing and delegating the passwords or requests for your digital estate.  And even delivering messages to your most closest friends and relatives well beyond your passing.

If you died tomorrow, who gets your Insta?


You don’t choose how or when you’re going to exit this world, but with Gordon you can rest easy knowing your affairs are in order.



UX / UI Design and Creative Direction: Jonathan Higley
Workshop Lead: Alisa Leonard of Hello-Q