Nz Teachers Collective Agreement


4.18.1 All teachers who must teach at least six hours a week at Te Reo Merori in authorized meerial diving programs at levels 1, 2 or 3 receive assistance of USD 4000 pa. This allowance is set for part-time teachers (based on the teacher`s set of schedules). (a) Part-time teachers must be employed for less than FTTE 0.9. Subject to paragraph 4.5.2 below, a part-time teacher`s salary is part of the basic scale that the teacher would receive if he or she is employed full-time. The number of hours for which payment is made is the sum of the number of hours of class contact, plus an expected contactless time. This amount is increased by 11 per cent, which corresponds to an additional payment of one hour for every 9 hours. The G ratings in this collective agreement recognize that the New Zealand Quality Qualifications Register provides the appropriate framework for determining the relationship between qualification and salary. 4.23.7 The equivalent of ten hours of non-teaching per week is assigned to each teacher in a teaching role in the (intercommunal) community. The Board of Directors, in agreement with Ako and the employee, has the flexibility to decide how it allocates this time within weeks or weeks. An allowance under this clause is in addition to all other residence allowances to which the teacher is entitled under this agreement. Non-union members can bargain collectively with an employer or employer, but their negotiation cannot end with a collective agreement that is only identical or very similar individual employment contracts. This basic salary scale applies to all teachers certified (including the provisionally certified and conservatory teaching authority, but not limited) by the Aotearoa New Zealand Board of Education, who are trained and qualified to teach in NZ for the purposes of this clause. b) Long-term teachers must be treated on the same level as permanent teachers for leave pay.

The transmission of tariff conditions to individual employment contracts. Apart from the above requirements, the parties decide what is stipulated in the collective agreement (unless the employment agency is invited and agrees to set the terms of the contract). (a) G1 for teachers with a Level 5 NZQF diploma or equivalent foreign qualifications recognized by the NZQA. Note 1: The terms “main assistant” and “senior assistant” are defined by the role that is not necessarily the title. In this context, they are used to indicate the role of senior teachers who have leadership, management and/or administrative functions at the school level and who, from time to time, formally resign for one or more head of school duties. A committee made up of representatives from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, the Ministry of Education, the New Zealand School Trustees Association and the Post Primary Teachers Association will meet from time to time at the request of one of the aforementioned organizations to review and resolve any outstanding or new issues regarding teachers` salary qualifications. These may be either isolated cases or broader qualification or teaching issues. 4.13.1 The following provisions on the supervision of high-priority teachers (HPTSA) apply to teachers who are employed in schools that the Minister of Education refers to as additional support for the recruitment and engagement of individuals.