Magellan Aerospace Collective Agreement


“This company has invested in advanced manufacturing techniques and clearly shows an interest in remaining competitive in the aerospace industry,” said Marty Warren, Director of USW Ontario. “Investing in its gasp staff with a decent contract is part of that commitment.” The contract will increase wages by 4.6% over the life of the agreement. The contract will increase wages by 4.6% over the life of the agreement. Employer contributions to the workers` pension plan will increase by 7.5%. The union also negotiated a language that recognizes the impact of mental health and domestic violence in the workplace. According to the union, contributions to the Steelworkers Humanity Fund – the union`s international development and aid organization – are also part of the agreement. The code does not complete or affect other agreements, manuals, guidelines and guidelines that may also apply to employees and that can also address issues that are also addressed in the code. RENFREW COUNTY, Ont. – Members of the Renfrew County United Steelworkers (ETC) have ratified a three-year collective agreement with aerospace manufacturer Haley Industries Ltd. The principles of the code are the individual and collective responsibility of all employees. It is the policy of Magellan Aerospace Corporation (with its subsidiaries and all the companies it collectively controls, “Magellan” or “company”), to manage its business in accordance with all applicable laws, statutes, rules and regulations and expects all directors, executives and employees (“employees”), to act on its behalf, to do so. In addition, employee-employee business relationships with customers, suppliers, government and regulatory authorities, communities and shareholders (“stakeholders”) must be based on the principles of honesty, integrity and ethical standards outlined below.

Members of United Steelworkers (ETC), Local 4820 has approved a new collective agreement that guarantees improvements in seniority, health and safety, timing, as well as an increase in the workers` pension plan and wage increases averaging 5.5 percent over three years, the union said. Learn more about the innovative products that make Magellan a leader in the aerospace industry. Workers at the plant that supplied the Avro Arrow project in the 1950s ratified a new collective agreement with Magellan Aerospace in Haley, Ont., on March 27. HALEY, Ont. – Workers at the plant that supplied the Avro Arrow project in the 1950s have ratified a new collective agreement with Magellan Aeorspace, which secures a future for Canada`s role in the industry and provides good news to the Community. It produces cast magnesium and aluminum parts for the aerospace industry, including molding engines for passenger and military aircraft. The agreement also improves work bonuses, funeral leave and long-term disability insurance. There is also a better contractual language for seniority, technological change and overtime. Chief Financial Officer T – 1 905 677 1889 Magellan Aerospace is a global company that offers integrated products for the aerospace industry worldwide. The new agreement also includes an incentive plan: if the company`s profit targets are met within one year, a 1% bonus will be added to annual salaries, according to the ETC.

Magellan suppliers, contractors, joint venture partners and business partners are redirected to Magellan`s website, obtain a copy of the online code. These parties are asked to respect the terms and intentions of the code.