Lamborghini Urus – Conquer the Elements

ROLE: US Social Media Launch Campaign - Producer & Digital Designer

When Lamborghini announced the launch of their 650HP SUV called URUS we immediately started work on developing a social media campaign surrounding the launch. In our previous work with Lamborghini, social campaigns surrounded product activations, drive events, and unveilings. We wanted to pitch something special for the URUS campaign to promote the versatility of this never-seen-before vehicle.





The etymology of URUS hails from the ancient bull aurochs that roamed the earth for millions of years (the oldest of which dating back to 2 million). They, like the vehicle are durable and had the ability to traverse massive swaths of land – covering all of Europe and in every climate.

In our initial conversation with Lamborghini we quickly identified key marketing points:

Adventurous: All Terrain
Versatile: Room and Luxury
Power: 650HP Twin Turbo V8 (Max Speeds Up To 215MPH)
Fast: Light-weight Carbon Fiber Construction (less than 4000lbs)
Environmental: Hybrid Option



One day. Four elements. How will you conquer them? We proposed a four-part social media video campaign highlighting key marketing points of the Urus and promoting activations (test drives) in an exciting way. Our key performance indicators for these deliverables were Test Drive Sign-ups, Micro-site Visits and Likes, Views, Reposts.

The video series features vibrance, capabilities and overall adventure. Check out the pitch deck below:



Our pitch was adopted and transformed by the internal team at Lamborghini. We were amongst a handful of photographers throughout the world to capture the URUS in iconic places in multiple environments around the world.


We photographed the URUS in iconic places throughout the greater Los Angeles area including featuring the Hollywood Sign, The Beverly Hills Fountain, the Santa Monica Pier and a California sunset.


 Photography of the URUS in Iconic Los Angeles, California



Microsite featuring KSPs with a strong CTA.


Creative Direction, Producer, Photographer, UI + UX Design, Photo Editor: Jonathan Higley
Photography: Morgan Peszko of Scene7
Public Relations: Extension PR