kanoo – Payment for the People


In the United States we’re accustom to products like PayPal or Venmo, but in The Bahamas, this is not a luxury.

Kanoo is the easiest and fastest way to transfer money. It allows users to send and receive money instantly, pay for goods and services at your favorite merchants and pay bills directly.

Additioanlly, paying bills requires holding a current brick-and-mortar bank account. These banks charge large monthly fees and hold traditional hours of operation. Additionally, since there is a monopoly, this results in long lines which doesn’t work for the modern world, and especially working class citizens.

Kanoo is in 36 major merchant locations including Lowes, Corner Convenience and Super Value (think the Walmart of The Bahamas) and growing!

Consumer: Native iOS and Android Apps

I worked closely with the Kanoo team and their development house to produce UX Flow, Wireframes and Digital Design Guidelines for high fidelity comps for the entire 100+ screen iOS and Android experience.

Merchant: Point of Sale Design

To complete the Kanoo ecosystem time and attention was given to the merchant perspective. A design around the back end administration portal as well a POS systems app that was clear and simple to for high-traffic use.

Marketing Website

I provided screen design for the kanoopays.com marketing website. The site was developed by the Kanoo in house development team.

Print Materials for Launch Marketing Campaign

A key to the successful launch of any product is around their marketing initiatives. For the launch of Kanoo I worked with their marketing team to design bold, impactful creative work that spoke to their message and provided easy onboarding via QR codes.