Decibel – Mapping the World in Sound


Our planet is filled with noisy cities and tranquil countrysides. While suffering from severe tinnitus (constant ringing of the ears) for 4 months I embarked on developing a concept to map our planet’s sound. Decibel is the result.

The concept is simple: users from all over the world download the free app and participate in a 5 to 10 second geolocated activity. Their reward? Their sample result added to the World Aural Map. This World Aural Map cumulative data is updated and averaged in real time.


What does our world sound like?


Future: Awareness with the Decibel Box

After the initial mapping phase has been completed, installations throughout the world will showcase and assist in feeding the growing data set with a live “view” of that environments decibel level. These boxes can also be places in very quiet places like the Sahara desert and other tranquil spaces to create digital socially shareable moments. And in contrast the roll out would also include densely populated and notably loud public places such as the New York Times Square, London, or Tokyo to bring awareness to sound pollution levels and promote hearing health.