Working Agreement With Social Services


Everything looks familiar. Before, as a social worker in the community, I was very frustrated when I was asked to write a written agreement in which a parent promised not to do anything that was illegal. If they are prepared to oppose the law of the land, what is the point of a written agreement? I was going to advance the argument of “cover la`s back” – they are often used to put parents on a failure, signing an agreement that is broken, so that it will provide evidence for a court that the parent cannot trust. And the less time employees have to work with individuals and families, the less they get to know and understand these people and the situations they face. The result is improved quality assessment and improved quality of care. Indeed, despite what some scientists may say, people cannot make appropriate and effective assessments of others, based solely on limited first impressions. You need time to assess the situation and the person. In addition, as the field of a child`s life experiences is quite limited, we can see that young children to adolescents have only a number of people with whom they are likely to come into contact and gain experience. Most children and adolescents will have parents or guardians with whom they reside (unless they are placed in care homes/orphanages/residential schools); Most of them will go to school. most will have extended family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins; most have friends their own age. In addition, they may come into contact with other people such as the family doctor; Workers in stores where they or their families shop; Neighbours The postman or woman in the mail people participating in children`s leisure activities such as sports coaches, music teachers, scout masters; if they are religious, people in their church, their mosque, etc.

It is NOT to be expected that such persons will inform the child about sexual acts, the consumption of alcohol of minors, illicit drugs, crime, violence or encourage him to participate… So, if the people with whom a child regularly comes into contact do not expect them to do this kind of thing, where would a child have been aware of this kind of thing to report abuse? Either the child has come across such things because of a relationship with one of the people listed (which is abused), or the child lives it elsewhere (meaning that there is still a possibility that someone`s unknown child may be abused). One of them predicted that the stepfather would not argue with his mother in contact with the children. However, the mother would be responsible for monitoring the contact and was responsible for arresting him in the event of an argument. Written agreements can also be used as an instrument to reassure other agencies. I remember a visit to CP where the police officer wanted to have a child. The officer was clearly inexperienced in CP and I did not think the threshold had been reached in any way, so I used a written agreement such as “smoke and mirror” to assure the police that the child would be safe. Although not worth the paper her writes on the agreement reassures the police that the mother would work with us. It worked, and after a thorough evaluation, the mother and child stayed together and prospered. I think it`s real social work. But he adds: “Any child protection plan is essentially a written agreement, every child in distress is a… Every plan we make with a family is the same because we don`t live with the families we work with, so we fix what everyone has to do and ask them to register.

In essence, a written agreement is a tool to track parents` behaviour, it generally outlines the local authority`s concerns about the care and well-being of children, and what they expect from parents to address these concerns. It should also explain what the local authority will do to help parents.