The Practice by Lauren

ROLE: UX + UI Website and Mobile Design

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri wants to de-stigmatize and normalize the care for our mental health through a radical new approach: interactive, community-building “workouts” for your whole being. She calls this approach The Practice. To tell the story accurately I was brought in to explore the concept, bring it to realization along with producing a compelling introduction video and digital experience for mobile and web.

“We’re not crazy, we’re human. We’re not the problem, we’re the solution.”
Dr. Lauren



Imagine seeing yourself in frame on film for the first time.

You have a big idea with even greater purpose. You feel the weight of your mission and it’s overwhelming. You’ll know it when you see it. It’s like standing in front of the mirror getting ready for the biggest night of your life. Nope, not that one…these don’t really go together either…great…it’s 7:03, my car’s here and I’m late. Anxiety now; panic attack later.

So that’s what we did. We ran through it. Wardrobe: every option. Takes: lots of them. Basically exploring every version of the ‘self’ until in one take where we pulled such a ferocity that we broke the mask, creating a moment of truth. Our truth is a moving target.

In Lauren’s case, her truth were in her roots of dance.

After capturing the core of who she is, post production and motion graphics were simple. Oh, and hell yea — we had a great time.



Digital Assets: #LetsTalk Series

Slay the Day

The Next EX

Confidence vs Self Esteem




Outcome: Digital Expressions and Initial Explorations



Behavioral Insight Informing Digital Experience

95% of all Lauren’s clients communicate and receive on-the-go therapy via text message. I brought that concept to the mobile experience.

What if you could read those messages? If you’re shy or just infinitely snoopy taking a look through real-life (or somewhat real life) conversations could be incredibly helpful. So that’s what we did. By editorializing typical conversations we made a highly addictive (voyeuristic) and education content all in one place.



Website Homepage

Editorial View

The Future

There is no A to B. This project, like life, is a process. It’s organic. That’s what makes it so beautiful. In my time with Lauren, we were able to cultivate a reframing of her greatness. It is an honor to be a part of that discover process and am so thrilled to see her message spread far and worldwide.

Director: Jonathan Higley
Executive Producer: Alisa Leonard of Hello-Q
Cinematography: Jonathan Higley
Editor: Jonathan Higley
Titles & Motion Graphics: Jonathan Higley
Brand Designer: Benjamin Løzninger
The Practice Branding: Ben Shepard